How to celebrate our Fathers

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Father’s Day is coming up. With that in mind, today, I want to celebrate the good fathers. The word father always seems so cold to me. A father is there for the time it takes to create you, sure, but a daddy is there for the time it takes to raise you, and even beyond. At least, that’s how I feel about the terminology.

So this is to the daddies. The ones who never missed an awards ceremony. The ones who made sure to intimidate any boyfriends who showed up at the door. The daddies who teach their sons how to be men.

This holiday is for the dad who has a never ending supply of terribly cheesy dad jokes. The one who is patient and strong. The calm in the storm, and the silent strength that you didn’t know you needed. This man gives so much to his family, rarely expecting anything in return. This man is kind and dependable, loving and warm; in short, he’s amazing.

If I’m being honest, I know that everyone wasn’t blessed with one. But I’ve been blessed to watch three amazing fathers in action, my husband, my daddy, and my father in law.

I want to personally thank you three for being such amazing fathers, for paving the way for generations behind you. For loving, even when people (that’d be me…I’m the people) seem unlovable. That’s the testament of a true father, the legacy of a true man, and for that I thank you. I’m so blessed to have you, and so is my child.

So now that we’ve established how great they are, how do we celebrate them?  Well before I give you my ideas and suggestions, I’d just like to say that if we really appreciate the dads in our life, we should appreciate them daily. The little things we do everyday should help them know that they are loved and appreciated.

I feel like if we do this with all people that we love, we won’t feel so much anxiety about getting the ‘perfect’ gift because really, they already know how we feel. And we know that they know. At that point, the gift is just the icing on the cake. But off my soapbox.

So everyone celebrates things differently. My husband and I aren’t really much into gifts, I think we’re more experience people. Other people love gifts, and then some people are on a budget, but still want to make the day memorable. With that in mind, I’ve divided this potential celebration list into 3 different categories. First, the free gifts, second the gifts you can buy, and third, the experience.

I hope you find something below that will help you celebrate the special dad in your life

Homemade Gifts

Coupon books

So honestly, I feel like these books get a bad rap. I think someone just read this and rolled their eyes. But listen, these can be great IF and only if, you give him what he actually wants! If you’re making this book for your husband, why not make those coupons a little spicy? He’ll be more than eager to cash them in. Or if they’re for a dad who needs a break, give him a coupon for 24 hours of uninterrupted peace. Whatever he likes, give him THAT. Give him coupons that he wants to cash in. And don’t make fun of my coupon books

Feed the man

I don’t know a guy who doesn’t love to eat. But make it special. Maybe you could bring the restaurant to him. And if you don’t know how to cook….it’s ok. Order in. I think it’s the ambiance the matters more. You decorated the place, you used the best plates….you know, make the man feel special. He’ll love it.

Gifts to buy

Ok, so this section is for the gift givers. Depending on dad, this may be his lane. So what can you get him? Here are a few of my suggestions. If anything, I hope they’ll get your wheels spinning.

For the dad that loves to cook:

Chopper/spiralizer/grater and everything else you could want it to do machine

I got this and it literally changed my life. I don’t ever like kitchen appliances that just do one thing, so when I bought this, I was so excited that I could get rid of like 3 of my one man show appliances. This thing dices, grates, juliennes, spiralizes zucchini, and it’s dishwasher safe.  I used it a few weeks ago to make chicken noodle soup, and my prep time was cut in HALF. I’m not kidding. So I just figured with bbq season coming up, dad might like this for easer side prep. If dad loves cooking, but doesn’t look forward to all of that chopping, this is for him!

Meat thermometer

This is one of the coolest meat thermometers ever. It comes with 6 different colored probes. 6. You leave them in the meat while you cook and an alarm sounds when things are done. Oh and you can pair everything to your phone, so that you can keep track of temps at all times. This means no multiple poking. This means dad can come into the house and get his own supplies. All he has to do is keep his phone with him. What? Sounds like a win for everyone.

If he’s Mr. fix it:

Magnetic Wristband

Some dads can fix anything. What better way to celebrate him than to help him do just that. I like this because, in the rare times when I decide to build something, I always have screws that roll away. Or one washer less than I need because somehow it managed to mysteriously disappear into my rug. It’s rough. But this alleviates all of that and helps him keep things orderly so that he can focus on doing what he loves.

If he’s a comedian:

An emergency jokes dad mug

If he’s a comedian, or a wannabe, I’m sure there has been a time when he’s run out of jokes. So this will help him have jokes at his fingertip. Or at least a little inspiration to tell funnier ones… 🙂


Recreate one of his favorite times/places/or even holiday

Some of us are still stuck at home. Why not recreate some place, or something that he loves? Is there a location, country or shop around town that is just special to your family? Why not bring that place to him?

Or if he really really loves New Years Eve, why not celebrate that holiday twice this year? Instead of waiting for the clock to strike midnight to bring in a new year, you could wait for the clock to strike 12 to bring in Father’s day.

The kids will enjoy setting this up with you, and it’ll be just as fun for them as it will be for dad. Whatever place, time, or holiday you decide to use, I think you’ll find dad loves it.

Do what he wants for the day

Now depending on what he wants to do, this may be tough. But if it’s possible, why not do his favorite things with him? Does he love fishing? Go fishing with him. Does he like football? Watch a football game, or play one. Is he into Harry Potter? Binge watch the series. Whatever he loves, take time to do it with him. I think it’ll make him feel really special.

Whatever you choose to do, please celebrate the daddies in your life. Let them know that they are special, let them know that we see them, and let them know that we love them.

Make life sweet and learn all you can.

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