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Book Review 5- Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder

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I’m upset.

Why, you may ask?

I’ll tell you. The Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder has been out in the world for almost 20 years. Twenty. And I’m just discovering it. And it’s not just a book. It’s a whole series.

Yeah, just let that sink in.

I have the next three in the series listed below if you’re interested (which you should be). Notice the dessert theme? I love it!

So here’s the deal, this book is great. It’s almost everything I love. There’s food (there are actual recipes in the book guys), there’s a great plot, and it’s a mystery that still gives you a small town feel. It’s almost me in book form. If you’re looking for a darker mystery, this isn’t it, but that’s what I loved about it.


Hannah is our main character. We get a bit of her backstory, but not too much of it. And now that I know it’s a series, that makes total sense. Hannah runs the town bakery called “The Cookie Jar”. It’s one of those towns were everyone knows everyone else, so imagine her surprise when one morning, she finds her dairy guy shot dead in the alley behind her shop.

Her brother-in-law is a cop, eyeing for a promotion to detective, and since he knows people spend a lot of time at “The Cookie Jar” talking, he asks Hannah to be his ears. But because she’s Hannah, she does a lot more than just listen.


I love the author’s style of writing, she made it really enjoyable to read. I also appreciated the twists and turns, and the way I kept changing who I thought had done it.

Another, more off-topic thing that I love is, the author intentionally made Hannah a strong woman. Her mother is intent on marrying her off, because she’s reaching ‘that age’, but Hannah isn’t the least bit flustered by that. She lives her own life, and if a man comes, great, and if he doesn’t that’s great too. I love that our heroine isn’t pining away waiting. She’s living her life and kicking butt.

Since this story was written so long ago, I got a little nostalgia from the way the world was 20 years ago. And I liked it. I’m talking landlines, and handwritten notes. Long distance phone calls and no caller ID. It was a walk down memory lane….back to a simpler time.

The Verdict

I’d give this book 4.2/5 stars. That probably sounds like a weird rating, but it wasn’t a 5, which is a perfect book, so it was somewhere in the middle. I’d recommend this book to anyone. It’s the perfect book to enjoy over Memorial day weekend with a nice homemade coffee drink in hand. It’s a nice cozy mystery that’ll have you putting the next book in the series on hold….like I just did.

Also, I’ve saved about 3 of the recipes from the book to try! After I try them, I’ll have to update this post.

One last tip, as of today (7/20/20/) The Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder and the next 2 books in this series are FREE on Amazon Prime reading. So if you’re already on Prime, they’re free to you. And if you aren’t this link will get you a 30 day free trial. Which is plenty of time to start the series, and see if Prime is worth it for you.

Well that’s all for this time! Make life sweet and learn all you can.

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  1. I love her books! I listen to them on audio from my library. Great review.

    1. Amie says:

      Me too!! I was so excited to learn that there were so many of them. It was like Christmas!! Ha

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